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Independence Fleet: Star Trek Play-by-Post roleplaying

As David wrote a few months back in his advertising piece, Ongoing Worlds is open to publishing articles promoting the different clubs and groups out there.  A few examples are here, here, and here.  So why not shamelessly plug my own group?

I ended my term as President of UCIP last August.  Man, what a great group of role players!  If you’re into some serious writing and simming, you can’t go wrong with them.  However, as much as I love and respect UCIP, I was recently given the opportunity to finally return to my home club, Independence Fleet (  It was simply too much to pass up.  Yes, I’m back with IDF for my second stint as its Chief of Fleet Operations.

What is Independence Fleet?  It’s a Star Trek play-by-post group that James D. West, Robert Seldon, and I founded all the way back on July 4, 2001.  You can read a little more about that in my articles about open role playing, simming script, and recruiting.  There’s also an article about us over at Roleplay Wiki.  But what makes us different from most of the other fleets out there today?  To me, it’s three things:

  • Captains have autonomy over their sims: With few fleet requirements, Commanding Officers are free to lead their role plays as they see fit
  • We regularly recognize crew members for their contributions: Each month we present eight unique awards for role playing excellence
  • We’re a family: You can’t truly appreciate the community atmosphere here without experiencing it yourself

We’re active on social media, and you might even see a little more open role playing than you would elsewhere. If you’re looking for a Star Trek simming home, check us out.