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10 roleplayers to watch on YouTube

Kim from RPRepository

Gorgeous Kim, the creator and site admin of RPRepository often uploads videos for her community like the “Epic Anniversary Adventure”, created using 3D animation software, and voiced by her members. You can see Kim herself do wacky things like stick her face in a cake (no joke!), or even bellydance for the Geek & Sundry vlogger contest.

Johnn Four

Johnn from the RoleplayingTips website has a YouTube channel where he interviews various roleplayers. Tbh it’s mostly about tabletop roleplay, but there’s a big crossover into play-by-post gaming, and I’ve found some of his interviews really interesting as they talk about some of the same problems faced with both types of roleplaying, like managing players, telling stories, and getting players to join in.

Here Johnn is chatting with Ed Healy, an RPG podcaster about RPG advertising and some other stuff.

Starbase 118 podcast

The Star Trek club Starbase 118 release a regular podcast about their club on YouTube, which includes news about their games, and also a reading of a featured story. Here’s their first episode:

Onion’s OngoingWorlds screencasts

Damn, you’ve caught me doing some self promotion! But yes, I’ve been recording screencasts to show useful functionality of OngoingWorlds. Starting at the most basic, to teach non-members how to use OngoingWorlds, and to show how easy it is. Here’s an example:

You can watch all the screencasts here.

Blue Dwarf story podcast

Like Starbase 118 above, this is another podcast about a game, but Blue Dwarf record the game’s story posts. Every single one, allowing you to listen to the story unfold over many (eventually hundreds) of podcasts.

You can listen to the Blue Dwarf’s story podcasts on YouTube here, although these are usually a bit behind the actual audio podcast feed which you’ll find here:

If your roleplaying game or community posts videos to YouTube, or you know of any that do, but aren’t listed here. Let us know!