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Feeling Left Behind?

Slow down sign

Let’s face it, sometimes we can’t be on OngoingWorlds all the time. We can’t stay up 2424/7 to play the wonderful games that we play all the time. If we could, we would. Life, school, work, family, and friends often takes priority over our fictional lives. As they should be.

And, out of respect for our fellow players, please tell everybody in an OOC post if we are going to be gone for a day or more. So what do you do whenever you are lost or have lag behind due to tours or children or needing to charge your computer/tablet? You could always read through the many, many, many posts that have been written since you were last logged in.

That does not sound appealing to many players. In fact, many a game has had a lot of OOC posts saying how other players should slow down because they cannot keep up. It isn’t the other players should slow down, it is the the player in question has been gone other players have been on. This is not a bad thing, but shows how much the players love the game. Everybody should be happy then the players was their game so much that you can get what within its tales.

So what should you do if you have been gone for a few hours to a few days? Well, you could always go to your character page, scroll down, and look at the recent post your character has been tagged in. If you have been gone for a few days, then you can catch up this way. It is quicker than reading hundreds of posts pop up since your last login and it will show you the last ten posts that have been written with your character in them and when your character was updated.. Always at the bottom, though, is when your character was first created. This way, as a mod, you can celebrate any sort of birthday for each and every character, if you would like to.

Now, doesn’t that sound easier than reading tens of hundreds of posts each time you are gone? It’s less time consuming and catches you up on the latest storyline. So, please, don’t worry about being left behind anymore. The OOC posts about slowing  down can finally stop. No need to clutter up the games with needing to be brought back into the storyline. There is a summary section on the homepage of each game for that. And if there’s something that you missed in another storyline, then feel free to ask to be updated. Otherwise, your character’s page has everything you need.