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The 2016 Squiddie Award Winners

Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Role Playing

Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Role Playing

Last month, we asked for nominations for our top award, the Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Role Playing (aka the Squiddie).  You responded with 29 absolutely outstanding nominations.  For anyone who missed those posts, the Squiddie is presented annually to one person, one game, and one club.  Each of the three winners is awarded for one of the following respective areas:

  • Excellence in Role Playing
  • Originality & Innovation
  • Facilitating the Community Experience

As you can imagine, narrowing the list of 29 nominees down to 3 winners was extremely difficult as there were many top-notch people, games, and clubs recommended.  But we had to do it!  Without and further ado, here are your 2016 winners… Read More


Announcing FallFest V

FallFest V

2015 Simming Fall Festival
image by Jalana Rajel

That’s right, the 2015 Simming Fall Festival will be held on December 5th from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST (1:30 PM to 10:30 PM GMT).  Ongoing Worlds is proud to announce that UFOP: StarBase 118 will be hosting, with James Drysdale serving as chairman.  You may remember that UFOP also hosted the 2013 festival, which was wildly successful.

For a few short hours in December, the entire simming and online role playing community will come together to share ideas, role play, and join in a few trivia games–all in IRC chat rooms.  James and UFOP will be on point to make it all happen.  FallFest is not only open to all simmers and role players on the net, but all are also permitted to host one or more one-hour events within the festival.  So what does it mean for you?

  • First, plan to attend:  This is the premier community event of the year!
  • Invite all your friends:  Let them in on the fun too!
  • If you would like to host a one-hour discussion, role play, or trivia game, email James at renos[at]starbase118[dot]net

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Alien August wants to highlight your best aliens – The Laudeans

Alien august

SciFi Ideas is a blog dedicated to publishing cool scifi ideas, concepts and aliens to get those creative juices flowing. A very valuable resource for scifi writers! This month they’re running an event called Alien August (more info here), where they’ll be publishing interesting alien profiles that have been submitted, for example here’s some they’ve published already.

As roleplayers we have to come up with new ideas all the time, and if you’re a roleplayer in a scifi game you might already have some aliens you’ve already invented, which might be worth submitting to SciFi Ideas, if published it’ll attract attention to your roleplay and might even get you some more players.  Read More


10 roleplayers to watch on YouTube

Kim from RPRepository

Gorgeous Kim, the creator and site admin of RPRepository often uploads videos for her community like the “Epic Anniversary Adventure”, created using 3D animation software, and voiced by her members. You can see Kim herself do wacky things like stick her face in a cake (no joke!), or even bellydance for the Geek & Sundry vlogger contest.

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