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Thanks to Xexes for the donation


Xexes donated to our running costs, and will be sent a mug!

A few weeks ago I announced that anyone donating over $25 will be sent an OngoingWorlds mug (modelled by Ed below).

Roleplayer Xexes has done just that, so I’ll be sending him one of our special mugs. Xexes is a roleplayer and has written several articles for us which you’ll find here, and you’ll find him on RPG-D here.

Why we need donations

The web hosting needs to be paid for (there’s a cost breakdown here), and usually that’s something I have to do. But it’s really great when someone can donate and get me off the hook for a month! Your donations help keep OngoingWorlds going. What happens is that Paypal sends me these pennies, and I have to feed them one by one into this mechanical steampunk-esque server, which puffs, and whirrs, and grinds, then keeps the website running.

ed brown - a roleplayer with a cool mug (pun not intended!)

Ed Brown was awarded a mug for winning Flashback Week in 2013 for his short story “Indelible Memories”

We still have mugs left!

The bills still need to be paid for, so if you want to really do me a favor, and keep OngoingWorlds working and funded, go to our donation page.

Also if you don’t want to pay $25 for the mug (which is a bargain actually, normally I only give them out if you pay $85), there’s other amounts you can pay which are still useful.

$10 will buy me some teabags. Yes, I always drink tea when working on updates and improvements to OngoingWorlds. So if you’re happy with the service of our website, this would be a nice gift!

There’s a button that will allow you to donate any amount. So even if you’ve been really happy with the OngoingWorlds service but don’t have much spare cash, just £1 or $2 would be very grateful!

Plus the more people I give mugs to, the more I can do a “virtual cheers” like I did with Chris Kentlea! (see image below)

Virtual cheers with Chris Kentlea

So thanks very much to Xexes!

Xexes has written some articles for us, my favourite recently was “Games that can’t ever succeed – and how to fix them”.