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The next 3 people to donate $25 will get a mug

Edit – This offer has now ended as we’ve had over 3 people donate. Your donations are still welcome and needed though! 

Stack of OngoingWorlds mugs

Also I want more people to have the mug so I can do a virtual “cheers” like I did with Chris Kentlea

Virtual cheers with Chris Kentlea

Some questions you might ask:

Where does the money go?

I use it to fund the creation of my own armoured moon base. No, no I don’t. I use it to pay for the hosting of the website, which I usually just pay myself. There’s a breakdown of costs on the donation page here, but essentially it’s hosting & domain name registration.

Isn’t $25 a bit steep to pay for a mug?

It’s not about the mug! That’s just a gift to thank you for donating and helping keep the website online, because you love using OngoingWorlds so much 😉

$25 is the amount that’s needed to find the website for a month, so if you can pay that, it’ll be really helpful.