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It’s… Also SciWorld Time!

Last year’s title card

Yep, time to get those SciWorld Online Convention hosting nominations in too. While the 20-year anniversary for SciWorld was last year, it’s still special every time.

Send nominations to me at star [dot] idf [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject SciWorld: Nominee Name and include the following:

  • Host name (club)
  • Host URL
  • Year Host was founded
  • Chair (person)
  • Chair’s e-mail address
  • Year Chair began simming
  • Why should this host & chair be selected? (≤ 250 words)

Due date: March 15, 2020 (selection may occur prior to this date)

The host is a club that partners with Ongoing Worlds to make SciWorld a reality and success.  The chair is an individual from the host club who serves as the point person to coordinate the schedule, advertising, and logistics.  More specifically, the host and chair will work with the Ongoing Worlds staff to:

  • Select a date and time for convention (sometime in the Spring or early summer)
  • Design a unique 2020 Sciworld logo; Last year’s logo is above
  • Recruit approximately 8-12 volunteers to run individual one-hour events
  • Work with those volunteers to create unique and engaging events (discussions, sims, and trivia games) that represent and support the interests of the broader community
  • Promote and advertise the the convention
  • Host opening and closing ceremonies on the day of the convention
  • Attend all SciWorld events (usually two at the same time) to ensure that they run smoothly
  • Be ready to improvise when things don’t go as planned
  • Post-festival, provide a list of lessons learned for next year’s team

The host should be a strong, robust club willing to provide the chair with the required volunteers and resources. Members of the host club must also be ready to attend the festival to help make it a success. In short, the host must fully back the chair.

The chair must be highly organized, self-motivated, and possess superior attention to detail. More importantly, he or she should be patient with others and willing to compromise when necessary. It takes a special person and to run SciWorld–it’s a BIG job!