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StatCat – Games with the most posts this year so far…


StatCat – Not actual size

StatCat is back! Last week the clever moggy told us the top 10 busiest users on the site this year, and now he’s going to tell us which games have had the most posts.

Here’s the top games, by number of posts since January 1st 2014.

Gen 2 489 posts
Hero High 343 posts
The Shifter’s war 286 posts
Darwin 284 posts
Angels-for-hire 250 posts
Come to the Dark Side 241 posts
ORIGIN 239 posts
Faerie Wars 237 posts
USS Marcus 174 posts
Blue Dwarf 165 posts

Well done Gen 2! Remember though as we discussed in the comments in the last post, that it’s not about the number of posts, it’s about the quality and enjoyability of each game. Every game is different, some post much longer posts less frequently, and some post shorter posts thrice daily (yes, StatCat says “thrice”!).

Thanks again StatCat! (he’s purring).

PS. Here are some cats playing ping pong.

Cats playing ping pong