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Alien August wants to highlight your best aliens – The Laudeans

Alien august

SciFi Ideas is a blog dedicated to publishing cool scifi ideas, concepts and aliens to get those creative juices flowing. A very valuable resource for scifi writers! This month they’re running an event called Alien August (more info here), where they’ll be publishing interesting alien profiles that have been submitted, for example here’s some they’ve published already.

As roleplayers we have to come up with new ideas all the time, and if you’re a roleplayer in a scifi game you might already have some aliens you’ve already invented, which might be worth submitting to SciFi Ideas, if published it’ll attract attention to your roleplay and might even get you some more players. 

To get you thinking about interesting alien, here’s an original alien species created by the players of the Starbase 118 roleplay club, sent to me by Marissa Jeffrey.

The Laudeans – Original species in the Starbase 118 RP

Laundean womanThe Laudeans are one of many unique alien species created by UFOP: Starbase 118 and for many reasons they are a highly interesting and fun species to roleplay and explore. They are native to the planet Til’Ahn, which is also known as Duronis II by the Federation. The planet is not a member of the Federation and one of the fleet’s simulations The Embassy of Duronis II is based there. They have an attached support vessel the USS Thunder-A, an Akira class vessel which allows them to a wider range of missions that they can run.

The Laudeans themselves are a three gendered race with males, females and lomales, which are born infrequently and thus considered rare. Lomale heights and weights are generally somewhere between male and female averages. Similarly their build is often slightly more muscular than females, but of a lighter frame than males. Their facial appearance is a combination of male and female, but like females they don’t grow facial hair. All three genders are required for procreation and this could have created a reproductive crisis. Laudean culture has evolved to cope with this and Lomales will help multiple families to have children.

Laundean male

Laundean male

Physically they look similar to humans but have coloured ears and a band of colour on their faces, running along the hairline. Possible colours include exotic green, exotic purple, earthy grey or watery blue and the strength of the colour provides an indication of their natural talent in their unique ability called fielding.

Fielding is the ability to sense all manner of energy. This allows them to visualize and comprehend the size, strength, and proximity of energy fields. They have also shown the ability to sketch detailed graphics showing “topographical” maps of energy fields. They can focus the ability on extremely large or small energy fields. Exploring a new sense is highly rewarding and a good opportunity to look at the world from a completely new perspective.

With the Laudeans it is possible to explore the culture, religion and society of a Federation neutral species, with unique biological features including a third gender and a unique sense. There is also the opportunity to explore the planet they come from and the entire flora, fauna and environmental features it comes with. It gives a roleplayer a lot of opportunities to create interesting and meaningful stories.

There’s more about the Laundeans here on the Starbase 118 wiki. And please do consider submitting your alien ideas to SciFi Ideas.