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Borderlands – The New Kids On The Block

Star Trek Borderlands logoThis article was written by Rich LeValley from Star Trek: Borderlands, a roleplaying group that’s been running since 1993.

Well, I’ve been familiar with David Ball, Award Winning Website creator, for some time. He has been a great supporter of my own game system Star Trek: Borderlands. It is with great gladness, then, that I have been given permission to bring Star Trek: Borderlands play to Ongoing Worlds in the form of the USS Marcus (see the game’s homepage here).

We aim to bring a fun Star Trek game to Ongoing Worlds. Please wish us luck in our endeavor.

We start our game with a committed group of individuals familiar with one another’s style, which means that we should have cohesive play. There’s plenty of room for more people to join. You can train up under a command level player in your specialty and achieve promotions as merited.

The concept is this:

The USS Marcus

The USS Marcus

The USS Marcus, a science vessel formerly attached to Starbase Phoenix has been tasked with exploring a region of space where several ships have recently come up missing with no explanation. The area has already been dubbed the Delta Triangle.

The Delta Triangle is an inexact zone located within DFA territory, but close to both Romulan and Federation interests. As such, a treaty has been signed allowing for a detailed study of the zone by all interested parties, aboard this one ship.

This is a first of its kind joint venture filled with possibilities.

Our game could use a Chief Engineer, Science Officers (aplenty) medical specialists, security, and operations personnel. We would love to have some of those to be Klingons and Romulans. Maybe you would like to play a Romulan scientist. Great! Maybe you would like to play an uptight Klingon tactical officer, also good! Delta Quadrant species are also welcome, especially those ever lovable Talaxians! Brush of you Star Trek history, because this is your chance. Come aboard.