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The new OngoingWorlds Discord server


How many of you make use of the Chatbox up there in the corner of the site? Judging by what I’ve seen I would guess not very many. Which is a shame because I think there is real potential for better roleplay, for getting your game noticed, and for meeting new people if it was used.

So, with that in mind, I have set up a Discord server for Ongoing Worlds, and it would be great if people could start to join. Read More


Did you know there’s a ChatWing app for Android?

chatwing logo

Don’t want to use the app? Open a chat window by clicking here

Hey guys, you might know already that there’s a group chat on OngoingWorlds, it’s right there in the top right corner.

The chat we use is one called ChatWing, which we chose because it has loads of different customisable options.

Did you also know that ChatWing has a mobile app that you can use? It’s completely free and really easy to connect to the OngoingWorlds chat, even if you’re out and about, or having a lazy day on the sofa. Just download and install the app through the Google Play store (search for “ChatWing”), then when installed, search for our chat which is simply called “OngoingWorlds” and you’ll be able to chat the same as if you’ve clicked the icon through the website. Read More


New Chat Box Rules *Updated!*

Hey guys! Tib here but not for a Tib’s Corner, that’ll be coming soon. This is about our new chat box and some rules. I recently have been emailing back and forth with Dave on some ways to make the chat a little more secure and we thought it’d be a good idea just to publish some rules. So if you are an OW user who uses chat alot, it’s very important that you read this. It also contains some other helpful things with the cbox, so let’s start! Read More


Tib’s Corner – Chat Ettiquette #LikeaTib

TIBBsWhy hello there Ongoing Worlds. Tibby here. If you haven’t noticed, OW has gotten a new Chat Room. Sadly, our buddy Cbox is no longer with us. We have a new fangled chat box thingy! The new one is called Chat Wing which Dave has been so nice to add. Now Chat Wing is great, many new features that Cbox never had. Since the chat is a little different I thought I might do a little bit on chat ettiquette! Now I’m not saying we’re all horrible, it’s just that we need a refresher once in a while! So let’s learn some manners! Read More


Chat box added to OngoingWorlds

Screenshot of the new chatbox

A few weeks ago I created a poll asking users what feature they would most like to see added to OngoingWorlds. The results were pretty clear and most people wanted an instant chat box. Read More