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We’ve been spoofed!

Okay It’s not often I post satire here, but OngoingWorlds has been spoofed by the satire site Outpost 42 News, which is sort of like The Onion, or The Daily Mash, you’ve probably seen the type, but for the roleplay community. Here’s the article:

I’m not sure whether to laugh, or actually (like it says in the article) cry! Haha, this was obviously written by someone who knows the roleplaying community very well. The site has also written a satirical article about a sim breaking the record for the amount of posts in a week, and about a certain Star Trek game always scooping up awards.

It’s a niche sort of satire, admittedly!

I posted this to our Facebook page, and Deborah Leighton Plom said “That’s hilarious“, and Ari Dmstn said “Are you sure this is satire?

So the joke about OngoingWorlds games not surviving very long, well I ran some numbers just to despell that myth, and found that 44% of the current active games have survived at least 3 months (so it’s not rare at all!), and over 11% have lasted a year.

Although what’s interesting about that is that out of the games that did last a year, over 88% of them will last at least to a second year. So it looks like the longer a game’s been going, the increased likelihood it has of sticking around!