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Submit your 2017 Simming Prize nomination

Tis the season to be jolly! The nomination period for the 2017 Simming Prize has officially opened! Some of you may have heard whispers as we geared up and began the hunt for judges and nominees on the low key, but now it’s absolutely undeniable that we’re open and ready for business once again!

The deadline for nominations is 12:00AM EST January 7th, 2018. People can submit nominations by going to our website right here ( and casting their reasons why their favorite person, SIM, or club should be selected for a prize. Keep in mind that we are not in the business of finding the best SIM of the year; that proud heritage belongs to our buddies over at the Tournament of Simulations – also going on right now!). Instead we are more or les the Nobel Prizes of the Simming and “Play-By-Post” online role-play community. We honor people and organizations that keep the simming community running smoothly and alive. Without these people, we’d be dead in the water.

Our goal, in short, is to honor that one person in your home organization that you could not do without – the SIM or club that has sustained incredible output of quality over the years… Think someone (or some SIM/Club) fits that bill? Please take the time to fill out and submit a nomination! And if you need help writing a nomination, check out this awesome article written by Charles Star! Only through our nominations can we discover the truly outstanding people and creations lurking within the miasma of the internet role-playing community.

This article was written by Tia Justice aka October.  More information about the Simming Prize can be found on its website,