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Comments on Reddit about “why rpgs improve speech & language skills”

Some dudes just sat on the grass, chillin

In July we posted an article titled “Why Role Playing Games Improve Speech and Language Skills” which continues to be one of our most shared articles, and seemed to inspire many people. After posting this article to Reddit, a few users commented with their own experiences of how roleplaying has helped improve their vocabulary and language skills. Very briefly, here’s some of the highlights:

RadiatedMutant said:

I have a fun story here. I had a friend with a speech impediment (turning r’s into w’s) but when he would speak in his character’s voice the impediment would go away. Eventually he started speaking in character in normal life and now there’s no sign he ever had a speaking problem.

UniQueLyEviL said:

Yeah most definitely. I learned a ton of vocabulary from RPG’s over the years.

SolarBear said:

Shit, it’s how I learned English. That and The Simpsons.

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