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Original PBEM games on OngoingWorlds

This blog was created initially so that I could chart the progress of the creation of the OngoingWorlds website, with a few articles to help people out when creating their own PBEM games. Also I’ve used it to talk about new features, and how I should progress with creating certain features of the site – as I want to make sure I’m creating something that will be really useful for GMs.

But now as the website has launched, I’m going to use this blog to also report on the progress of the PBEM games that people have created on the website. So far there have been two major games created on the website, these are Wizards Inc, and Omega 7.


The Wizards Inc. office

Wizards Inc.

Created by Mike Bullen, who I met when he joined my JMC Blue Dwarf (link) PBEM game. Mike is a brilliant comic writer and shares my love of the writing about juvenile characters and toilet humour. Wizards Inc. has so far been extremely good quality in its storytelling, and Mike has provided the members with enough information to write about their characters in this world, without being too strict about rules of the world, or about how things are – and has allowed us all to contribute to creating the world as we go along.

Broadly speaking the world in the Wizards Inc. game is just like our own, apart from magic does exist, but only Wizards know about it. Wizards Inc. is a company which exists within an office block in Tundelltown, UK. The employees use magic to complete jobs for clients.

Wizards was created in February 2010 and within two months already had four active members. The quality of the posts has been high so far, with the characters fighting naked bears, scaring off ghostly teenagers, defeating an evil Witch, avoiding a dragon, and accidentally making an entire family of goblins simultaneously defecate.

The game is great fun, and the game posts are publically available to read. If you want to know more visit the website.

the Omega 7 logo

The Omega 7 logo, similar to Red Dwarf

USS Omega 7

Set in the same universe as Red Dwarf, the Omega 7 game was inspired by the JMC Blue Dwarf PBEM. The game was created by Sean Sell only last week in April 2010. The “USS Omega 7” is an anti-matter submarine sent to locate the wreckage of another ship which disappeared in the Bermuda triangle. The plot of this game hasn’t really got into the swing of things yet, and so it’s unclear how the game will really work, and how the submarine fits into the sci-fi Red Dwarf universe.

Sean is currently looking for more members. If you want to know more about Omega 7, visit their website.