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The new OngoingWorlds Discord server


How many of you make use of the Chatbox up there in the corner of the site? Judging by what I’ve seen I would guess not very many. Which is a shame because I think there is real potential for better roleplay, for getting your game noticed, and for meeting new people if it was used.

So, with that in mind, I have set up a Discord server for Ongoing Worlds, and it would be great if people could start to join. Read More


First Person Fortnight 2015

First person fortnight

It’s that time again, folk!

Well, not exactly since I’m pretty sure this happened at a different time last year, but anyhoo, it’s First Person Fortnight! Get excited.

This is your chance to win an award for your game (or games, if you are so inclined) and go down in Ongoing Worlds’ history as winner. Who doesn’t want that? Read More


The Mighty, and classy, Steampunk Genre

Steampunk landscape
Steampunk. Perhaps one of the most beloved genres of science-fiction in the modern age, Steampunk is classed as a subgenre of Cyberpunk but the roots of Steampunk do stretch back as far back to 1844 with The Aerial Burglar by Percival Leigh. Since then many great minds have influenced the Steampunk genre, most notably the great H.G. Wells and the fantastic Jules Verne. Read More