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First Person Fortnight 2015

First person fortnight

It’s that time again, folk!

Well, not exactly since I’m pretty sure this happened at a different time last year, but anyhoo, it’s First Person Fortnight! Get excited.

This is your chance to win an award for your game (or games, if you are so inclined) and go down in Ongoing Worlds’ history as winner. Who doesn’t want that?


But Brogan, what is First Person?

Usually in PbP, Role-Plays, Sims or whatever flavour of game you choose to play, you write in what is called Third Person and may use phrases like,

“Plisken looked at Ransom and saw that this scientist was, more or less, his replacement”.

But First Person means you write from your perspective within the character, in a way becoming the character. You might instead you phrases like,

“I glanced Ransom up and down, taking him in. It felt like he was to be my replacement in the world. What a right smeghead”.


Okay, so I now know what it is. But what do I do?

You write! (Didn’t see that coming, did ya?) Moderators can drum up interest through OOC posts, offer awards within the game using Ongoing Worlds’ Award System and choose the best post from the best player over the course of the fortnight. Players, if you think your Moderator doesn’t know about FPF, you can drop them a friendly email or OOC post to encourage them to take part. Everyone can be a part of the event, any game and any player, and with luck everyone will.


But Brogan, I’m not in an Ongoing Worlds game!

If you hail from one of those strange and foreign places beyond the borders of Ongoing Worlds, that doesn’t stop you and your game taking part. Ask your Mods and Players and get them writing in First Person.


So is this the only time we can write in First Person?

No! Well, maybe. Depends on the game and moderator’s rules, doesn’t it? If the Mods of your game allow it, you could write in First Person any time of the year.


Finally, why should I write in First Person?

Because I say so, damn it! Well, really you get connected to your character. In a sense, when you write in First Person, you become your character. You write their feelings as you would feel them from your perspective and you can begin to understand and develop your character and learn about others. You might even pick up some skills along the way.


The event starts on Saturday the 6th of June and ends on the 20th. 

Have fun and get writing!