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The HolOW-lens 3D world v2

It started out as an April fools joke, but several people kept asking me if I’d update the HolOW-lens world and add more hidden codes, places to discover, and billboards for their games. So I’ve worked on an update with 4 new hidden codes.

Here’s some screenshots:

zombies near a billboard

And a Blue Midget from Blue Dwarf that I put in specifically for BaronVonLongman 🙂

Blue Midget on ledge

If you want to collect ALL of the codes, you’ll have to venture into this maze. I know, I’m evil!


How to play – Download the file below. Unzip to your desktop (or appropriate folder), then locate the file and run it. You won’t need to install it, it’ll just run.

I said on the last article that I’d update this if I got 10 comments. I didn’t quite get that, which is why this is only a small update. The game has now been downloaded 28 times, and 12 people have claimed awards.