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NAME of thrones

Zoidburg pronouncing character's name wrong

Admit it, you’re used to seeing your character’s name written down that you’ve probably never even said it out loud. It might be a shock then when you hear it pronounced aloud, and it’s completely different to how you thought. That’s what happened to me recently when we started recording the Blue Dwarf podcast, when different players started reading out names, words, and alien species names completely different to how I imagined.

Has this happened to you? Let us know in the comments below 🙂



  • Alex

    Or even in the intro bit where I used to say “Henry Potema” and everyone else said “Henry Pote” so I changed how I said it, hehe.

    • Haha I did notice that! I don’t think anyone noticed though 🙂 Or were too polite to mention it

      • Alex

        Haha! [Edit: I thought it was supposed to be like hippopotamus… henrypotema hehehe]

  • Kim

    When we first started having our Project Reboot meetings, it was very interesting to hear the different accents saying our various species… It’s prompted discussions about including phonetic spelling on our new site!