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Small Avatar 2Hey OW family, I’ve been away from my home for awhile [my home here at OW] and honestly, as a moderator and a member of the community, I feel I owe everybody and explanation and an apology. And that’s exactly what I’m here to do.

So, where do I begin?

First, I left an apology for my game iSociety because that was my most recent game that I dropped away from and I felt that was a bit rude on my part. But, everything kinda began to change recently. If you’ve known me for a while, you would see that same blue lizard dude, most commonly known as Savis… or that blue lizard dude. I’ve used him in many games and different writings, and ultimately some projects that actually failed on me. [He kinda feeds into the story as a whole]. Recently, a couple of months ago, I began to develop a project from an idea I’ve had for a while [and briefly used in OW a couple of times] and it eventually turned into a webcomic idea called Broadhill. [Side note: Yes, it was a game that I had a couple of times]. Now, in the beginning, I was absolutely pessimistic, I thought it was going to be dead within the first page. But, as everything moved on and I began working on it and a few side projects, things began to change. Like I said, I thought it would be dead within the first page, and now I’m eleven pages in with some pretty decent views and a few great fans! [Like I said in iSociety, one fan is enough for me because I know someone likes my work and wants to see more] So really, it became something I got very involved in. I met some great people and improved a lot on my own too!


However, it goes without saying that, if I’m truly in debt to anyone, I am in debt with the people at Ongoing Worlds. Why? Because if it weren’t for Ongoing Worlds, I would not have been exposed to the inspiration AND inspirational people that have helped me through everything over the past couple of years. And through it all, have I ever forgotten about Ongoing Worlds? Friend, a day hasn’t gone by where I didn’t think about OW. Because you guys have done so much for me and I feel I owe you everything without deserving anything. Honestly, I don’t deserve awesome people such as yourselves ;).


Which brings me to the real reason for today’s post. I am so sorry for not being there for a lot of you. And when I was, I felt useless. I have a position to uphold here at Ongoing Worlds and it proves as no example to not be here. For that, I am deeply sorry and would like to apologize with nothing but best intentions from the deepest parts of my heart, because I owe all of you my world. People like Dave especially, for giving me the chance to work and meet with the best people I’ll ever find. Now, am I leaving Ongoing Worlds or announcing my retirement from Roleplaying? Absolutely not! Tibby is here to stay! However, I cannot gurantee that I’ll be roleplaying anytime soon, because it is not fair to you for me to put anything less than my 100% into it. If I don’t post, I’ll do my best to be here with you guys, because I owe it to you. So thank you guys for being there and putting up with my crap for two long years! I wish you guys and this site nothing but the best.

And as usual, I have to finish in my cheesy special way.



I love you Ongoing Worlds! 🙂

– Sean “Tiberius”

Twitter: @TiberiusStudios

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