Interview with Izzy and her game 'What will be, will be…'

With all the fuss over Flashback week, and judging the competition, I didn’t notice that the roleplaying game What will be, will be… has now surpassed 100 posts, only the 3rd game on OngoingWorlds that has reached this landmark (see the interview with Duri from Terrifyingly Yours whose game surpassed 100 posts in march). So I interviewed Izzy, who started the game in June and asked her about the game and where it’s going next.

What inspired you to create a roleplaying game?

IzzyI’ve always enjoyed writing fiction and such like for fun, and when I discovered OngoingWorlds I thought it would be awesome to create a game and see what people thought of the idea and what they would do with the story.

I set my game in a school as I am currently still in High School, and as I bore in several lessons I often start day dreaming about things that would make my school day more interesting. I thought it would be fun in some way to go through the lives of both teachers and students in a school and remind everyone that what you see isn’t always the full story, whether its an awkward school girl, or an annoying teacher.

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