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4 day IRC roleplaying event #multiverse

If you’re a roleplayer and use IRC, you might be interested in an event happening this week called #Multiverse. The event starts on 11th November and lasts for four days. Players from across many IRC networks and communities are invited to participate.

portal to another world

I asked Ryan from DarkMyst about the event and got this reply. As the event has already started, I’m just going to paste his reply below:

One of DarkMyst’s primary areas of focus right now is to bring the IRC role-playing community together and grow it. I am incredibly passionate about this and it’s become my personal mission to ensure its success. With the decline of IRC role-playing over the years and the struggles that it has faced, we have an opportunity to make a play to reinvigorate this wonderful community and bring folks together. That’s why #RPG-Hub was started – to make it easy for a new player to jump in, socialize with like-minded individuals, and find a game on DarkMyst that’s perfect for them. We do extensive advertising to promote the network and community on creative writing and role-playing websites, we are ranked top on Google for hundreds of text-based and IRC role-playing related keywords, and have an easy-to-use website that focuses on new players and bringing them into the community. The work that’s been put into things and the end result you see is a culmination of years of progress, and it’s starting to be noticed across the creative writing and role-playing communities.

The community you see on DarkMyst is the best collaboration and community of players that many have ever seen amongst IRC role-playing community.
It’s an amazing group of talented and friendly people. Bringing folks together and creating the effort that you see was risky and an incredible challenge to do but it has worked out quite well and has been part of a massive and on-going plan to bring renewed interest and growth to the community. Other networks and communities have attempted to do this without much success and I am glad that we have had such great success on DarkMyst.

Multiverse was an addition that started earlier this year. On its first launch earlier this year, we experienced 110 player characters, 736,565 alphanumeric characters, and 4,816 total posts in the first 24 hours of the event alone.

The set up allows for the collaboration of games across the entire network – regardless of their world, character, time period, or genre. The basic story line is that on rare occasions, mysterious portals appear across worlds, and those portals bring adventurers to a single world known as Multiverse – although some games adjust this concept/story to make it more feasible for their own channel.

Games on the network may sign up to host their own event/storyline/plot twist. This will allow STs the opportunity to show their style and launch an event that may very well be the largest event they will ever ST.

The event attracted numerous people that were brand new to IRC role-playing during the last launch, and we hope that it will do it again. I’m very excited to be launching this event again and allow the opportunity for players that do not typically engage each other in role-play to do so – newbies and veterans alike.

For more information visit the page about #Multiverse here.