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February Game Summary

It’s that time again, the monthly game summary! A lot has happened since the yearly summary was run, fights, flights, loves gained and lost, and of course the strange plot twist that takes the game in a totally new direction. There’s also the addition of the off-site summary (which runs on the 27th). Without further ado, the February Summary!


A Thousand Years Fatherless in Griffinfall athousandyearsfatherlessnew

It has been only a few days since Elilajar set up home in Everwinter following his betrothal to the Lady Miriam Aoann, but already the hectic happenings seem to have followed his fiance back from Snowshore. The fearful assassin Jake Shikaku has finally plucked up the courage to return to the wrath of the mourning royal family, and his entrance is graced with the fact that he manages to heal the young orphan boy that had been found on the evening of Lord Shyron’s welcoming banquet. Yet Miriam still remembers the happenings in amidst the smoke of war, and Jake harbours dangerously unknown news from his own enemies…


Blue Dwarf



The Dwarfer’s time escapade has taken a turn for the worse. Imprisoned in an ancient prison fortress by Lindstrom, Artemis’
old nemesis from Charon, the group must somehow find ways to make the best of their situation and hopefully escape, although the fate of the other 300,000 wrongly imprisoned inmates must surely weigh on even the hardest of hearts


Farscape: The Peacekeeper Chronicles farscape

Sorry about the formatting on this one, I don’t know what happened

Trapped on the Leviathan named Lyca, several prisoners have been living in cells for 1 to fifty cycles, waiting for a chance to escape. Before being captured Zoresh, Nob and Ly’Gon were part of a mercenary team, named Dark Horse, and have been imprisoned for the last 20 cycles on the Leviathan prison ship Lyca. During their imprisonment they befriended a Nebari named  During her imprisonment she met a Litigarian named Tosh Pqa with a nasty temper. After convincing Telys to help him escape they headed for the garden to create a knock out gas to take down the Peacekeepers. While helping Telys find ingredients Tosh ran into a stowaway named Caio. After taking down the Warden and his guards, Zoresh and Nob set up a trap for any more Peacekeeper attacks till Telys could make her sleep gas.


Hidden City hiddencity

From a chance encounter with a raider attack, the Treasure Hunters find themselves in a trifecta of madness with a three way battle between them, Marclen Incorporated, and the pirates. They’re nearing the center of the temple which is making Ramiel, the guardian, even madder. Who will be the first to open the vault?



ORIGIN origin

After receiving a proposition following their trip to the Ironian Archives, the ORIGIN expedition sets out to Arvon, a colony belonging to the Untari Republic, to help the Korron noble family utilize their Ironian artifacts. After some rather raunchy shore leave at the colony, the crew attended dinner at the Korron Compound, with James, Wes, and Kikkawa staying behind overnight. As it turned out, the Korron were using James and the Codex to re-activate Ironian weaponry to be used in a coup to overthrow the Untari chancellor. After the away team returned to the ship and destroyed a trap that was keeping it grounded, they set out to capture Lord Korron and save the Chancellor, succeeding in both. The Harbinger now departs Arvon in search of the Cipher, which is the “missing link”.


Nova Lux novalux

After the arrest of the major Nova Lux members in the Lapis Colony System, Isocrates and Marcus Vale have been sentenced 15 years in prison and Savis 2 years in prison for contempt of court and assault on a security guard. Two years later Savis is released and things around the colony don’t quite look the same anymore.


USS Marcus ussmarcus

The USS Marcus has departed Starbase Phoenix to begin its investigation of the area called the Delta Triangle.  Already the mismatched assemblage of crew from Starfleet, the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Empire, and the Delta Freedom Alliance has found difficulty in accepting one another.  Not surprisingly, bad blood between the Klingons and Romulans is the worst of it, but a grudging respect is beginning to spread.

This is a wonderful cultural study opportunity for Setlin Commerce Guild Representative Bhron Tufal.  The Bajoran Dr. Yul is ignoring all Starfleet conventions and decided to run sickbay his way.  Engineer Osred has been asked to lend his particular skills to the science department as needed.