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Is it okay to be emotionally connected your RP character?


I saw this meme from the Tumblr blog Fuck Yeah Roleplay Rabbit (which is often brilliant but sometimes cryptic), and it got me thinking if it’s okay if you get a bit too emotionally invested in your character? 

We’re only writing characters, who exist nowhere but in our own imaginations. But they feel real, especially when we’re sharing them with other players in our roleplay. But is it a bad sign when you’re actually sharing emotions, getting sad when they’re sad, etc?

The author of FYRR writes this:

All I’m going to say is I am FAR too emotionally invested in this thing and whenever my characters feel down or upset, I will literally sit and sob at my screen. Especially when two characters don’t get along that, by rights, should do.

Is it good or bad to be emotionally connected to your character?

  • Elena

    I think one should be emotionally connected with the characters such as in understanding them and what makes them tick. But too much connection is negative, it makes you see your character like your sibling or boyfriend and get angry on other writers because their characters just dared to think bad about your precious.
    How many times you have heard from a writing partner “my character is my baby”? This sort of protective attachment is dangerous for a writer.

  • Vitamin K

    I try to think of roleplay as a shared writing experience. In that regards, I am not my character, but I am the storyteller, and my character is an actor in my story. So while I definitely have an interest in the emotional states of my characters (because, they are required to tell a good story), I maintain a wall of separation. They are imaginary, and I am not.

  • Silent Hunter

    Depends on the character and whether you’re the GM or not.