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How to: Remove a member and adopt their character

Adopt a roleplay character

Did you know that characters in OngoingWorlds can be adoptable? Here’s a scenario:

A person joins a game, and creates a fantastic character. Lets call him… Bob. Pegleg Bob who’s a dwarf. And a pirate. (the name or description isn’t important btw, I’m just adding colour to a boring example!).

So Bob’s a great character and gets woven into your story. But his member decides to leave, or disappears for a long time and it’s presumed he isn’t coming back. It’s annoying but this happens all the time, people probably have good intentions about letting the GM know they’re too busy, but you’ll likely never see or hear from them ever again.

But what happens to Bob the pegleg pirate? He’s an important character in the story. He’s worked his way up to first mate, and he’s such a likeable character that you can’t just delete him, or kill him off. So you might decide to keep him and adopt him as your own character. On OngoingWorlds you can adopt characters easily.

First, remove Bob’s member. Characters and members are treated as separate in OngoingWorlds. A member owns a character, and in fact a member can own multiple characters.

So we remove Bob’s member.

Unsubscribe this roleplayer from your roleplaying game

This will make his characters adoptable. Sometimes you’ll want to delete them, but in this case we want to adopt!

If you view Pegleg Bob’s character profile now, you’ll see at the bottom it says “This character is not owned by anyone. Click here to adopt”.

This roleplaying character is not owned by anyone, click to adopt

Click and follow the instructions and Pegleg Bob will be added to your own character list.

Are you sure you want to adopt pegleg bob roleplaying character?

It’s not only moderators who can adopt characters, anyone in your game can too.