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Disown & adopt characters

Part of the updates I worked on last weekend included improvements to the way characters can be “disowned” and “adopted”. Read More


How to: Remove a member and adopt their character

Adopt a roleplay character

Did you know that characters in OngoingWorlds can be adoptable? Here’s a scenario:

A person joins a game, and creates a fantastic character. Lets call him… Bob. Pegleg Bob who’s a dwarf. And a pirate. (the name or description isn’t important btw, I’m just adding colour to a boring example!). Read More


Updates on a sunny weekend

the sun nothing todo with pbem roleplayingI’ve some small updates to announce. This weekend has been baking hot, and for some unknown reason I decided to spend it indoors, sweating my nads off, working on some updates for OngoingWorlds!

New award

Moderators in games can give awards to their members, and they’ll normally all look like a black trophy which you’ll see on many people’s profiles. Most trophies are given to reward excellence in a particular roleplaying game. But I’m going one bigger, and have created a trophy to reward users that have done something extra special for the entire OngoingWorlds community, not just for a specific game. Read More