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The new “Game Information” tab

long homepage description textApologies if you’ve had a long wait for the OngoingWorlds site to come back online after our transfer to a new hosting provider. But this new move brings you an update, and one which was requested by several users.

The Game Information tab is for more detail about your game

You might notice that some games have a lot of information in their game description on the homepage. There’s nothing wrong with this, lots of detail about a game and the world it’s set is a good thing. But often you want the game description to be short and snappy. Wish you had somewhere to push that additional text? Maybe the stuff that’s useful, but not quite essential to someone who’s just browsing your game.

Now you can put this into the Game Information tab!

Have a look on the list of options on the left and you’ll see Game Information.

Game information on the right nav


Only Moderators of a game can change this, and can use bbcode formatting just like posts.

The Game Information update was worked on by Locke from Blue Dwarf. Who is so cool that he’s being played by Tom Hardy in a feature film.

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