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Unlockable perks: Post 10 times to unlock formatting options

Get the f*** away from my house!This is one of a few posts I’m going to write about OngoingWorlds’ unlockable perks (see articles about other perks here).

Formatting options when posting

You’ll unlock this perk after you’ve submitted 10 posts to any game on OngoingWorlds. After that you’ll see some formatting options at the top of the “Create new post” screen. Read More


Website Update – Post Summary and Formatting options

I’ve added two great new features to the Ongoing Worlds website this week, as well as fixing a few bugs that were causing problems.

Post Summary

This was something which was inspired by the Yahoo Groups page that I’ve been running my Blue Dwarf game on for over 10 years. A table allows you to see how many posts were submitted each month, and different years will appear on different rows underneath. It’s a great way to see at a glance how long a game has been running for, and how popular it’s been.

If you’re worried that a game might be too involved for you, and has hundreds of posts per month, then you’ll be able to see on this table. Or the opposite, if a game seems to be struggling with only a few posts per month and you want a faster paced experience, you’ll be able to tell by looking at this table.

Post summary

The post summary, showing posts per month since the game started

This table will show on your game’s homepage, and will only show if you game has more than 20 posts.

Read More