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What a 20th Anniversary SciWorld, Trivia, and More!

What a SciWorld! Unfortunately, I was only able to attend my own event, I’ve but I’ve reviewed the transcripts and it looks like it was a excellent convention! I saw a lot of great ideas exchanged and some really interesting discussions. Most importantly, I saw the best of the simming and role playing community: YOU! In short, the 20th anniversary of SciWorld was everything I hoped it would be and more. We’re off to a superb start for the next 20 years.

Three Ongoing Worlds Community Honors

The OWCH award

Akoomi of Role Play Wiki, Kathryn Burke of Theta Fleet, and Joshua Hina of The New Universes Project are hereby awarded the Ongoing Worlds Community Honor (OWCH) award for outstanding service as co-chairs of the 2019 SciWorld Online Convention.

This year’s SciWorld had a special meaning as it was the 20th anniversary convention (1999-2019). Our trio exceeded all expectations as they produced a fantastic line-up of events and ensured outstanding energy in the Discord chat rooms throughout. From the opening bell to the closing ceremony, it was nonstop discussion, trivia, and fun. Did I mention the simming? People from many clubs came to share their ideas and learn from others. What a SciWorld to begin the next 20 years! On behalf of the Ongoing Worlds Board of Advisors and role players across the web, thank you to Akoomi, Kathryn, and Joshua for a job well done!

SciWorld Trivia

In honor of the 20th anniversary, we asked 10 questions about past SciWorlds during the opening ceremony and 10 questions about this year’s SciWorld in the closing ceremony. Those questions are posted below. How did you do?

Past SciWorlds

  1. Who is credited with inventing the SciWorld Online Convention? Ender Maki of Online Simulations Association
  2. In what year did the first convention take place? 1999
  3. Along with Ender Maki, who chaired that first SciWorld? Tashak & Chas Hammer
  4. Besides Ender Maki, Tashak & Chas Hammer, who else has chaired or co-chaired a SciWorld (before 2019)?  Robin Knight, Charles Star, Landon Wakeland, Yatalu Ytela, Zania Ja’arda, Lindsay Bayes, Alexander, and Wes Davis
  5. Who has chaired the most SciWorlds (including co-chairs)?  Chas Hammer, 8 (1999, 2000, 2006-09, 2012, 2017)
  6. Including this year’s, how many SciWorlds have been held? 17 (1999-2002, 2006-09, 2011-current)
  7. What clubs, groups, or organizations have hosted or sponsored a SciWorld before this year?  Simming League, Diaspora Games, Federation Sim Fleet, Independence Fleet, Ongoing Worlds, Dark Myst, SimEnc, Role Play Wiki, Bravo Fleet, and Star Army
  8. The dates and hosting information have been lost to time for which SciWorld? 2002
  9. What convention was founded in 2011 to serve at the time as a mini-SciWorld more friendly to European time zones? Simming Fall Festival (FallFest)
  10. SciWorld is open to all simmers and online role-players, regardless of rank or _____?  club affiliation

SciWorld 2019

  1. How many presentations did we have at this year’s SciWorld? 13
  2. Who was the first to speak at the Opening Ceremonies? Akoomi
  3. Which affiliation gave the most presentations? Shattered Universe
  4. How many groups were involved in organizing this year’s SciWorld? 4
  5. How many different affiliations gave presentations? 8
  6. How many panels did we have this year relating to aliens? 2
  7. What was the first panel to make its way into #panel-3-overflow? Successful Gamemastering and Storytelling Skills
  8. Which time slot did not have a #panel-2 panel? 5:30pm EST
  9. In total, how many hours was SciWorld 2019? 8
  10. Which channel was created the day of the convention, for the uses of the convention? auditorium

The 2019 SciWorld questions were created by this year’s chairs.