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The other Simming Prize winners… including The Gamemaster!

I was emailed today by Chas Hammer (one of the Simming prize trustees), letting me know that he’s updated the Roleplay Wiki with the other Simming Prize winners (I posted last week to let you all know that OngoingWorlds was a winner – see here).

One of the other winners was our very own The Gamemaster from OngoingWorlds. The Gamemaster is in many games, such as Darkfalls, Hero High & Spellbound (see his profile here for a full list). The reason given by Chas was:

For the high quality writing and imaginative posts contributed to multiple games across Ongoing Worlds.

Remember that nominations for this award were asked for back in December last year, so The Gamemaster must have had some convincing nominations. So thanks for that, whomever you are, and congratulations to The Gamemaster. Unfortunately though The Gamemaster hasn’t posted in almost 200 days. Can this bring him back perhaps?

All Simming prize winners

Here’s the link to the Simming Prize page on Roleplay Wiki.

  • Rhiannon

    I had become friends with The Gamemaster outside of Ongoing worlds. Unfortunately, he will not be returning to us anytime soon. I have had to kill games where he was a major player (i.e. Darkfalls) and put his characters up for adoption. It is sad such a wonderful person is no longer able to do some amazing simming. So, no, this prize will not bring him back, though he would have loved to receive it.

    • Weaboo.trash

      I was a friend of his, as well. Though I lost his contact info along with my phone…

      • Rhiannon

        Well, he enjoyed bragging about having the most posts on OW. If he were on right now, he would be super ecstatic!

  • New Worlds Project

    Congratulations to the winners!