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The great OngoingWorlds outage of March 2019

Yesterday we had quite a large problem with the server, with the website being down for about 16 hours. This was caused by an unexpected server migration by our hosting provider, which lead to the database being out of date. I had to keep the website offline for longer than expected, to wrestle with the company’s technical support and get them to send the latest copy of the database. I wanted to make sure absolutely no data had been lost, because I know how important each and every post is to you guys!

After I got the website back up and running, some people reported to me that some images were missing, like game images, or character images. Unfortunately this has happened for any images uploaded in the past week, which will affect new games especially. Unfortunately the server company won’t send me these new files, so you’ll have to find these files again and upload them, sorry about that :-/

I’m pretty furious at the server company for the way they’ve handled this tbh. This was a situation which could have been avoided. I think the company is used to dealing with small websites, not an international story-writing powerhouse like OngoingWorlds 😀

That’s why I think it would be great to move to a new hosting company that understands our requirements, but to do that I need to ask you a favour, because premium hosting will cost more. Currently not enough members donate to cover our costs, so please if you’re not a Hero Member right now (someone who donates $2 monthly), please consider it. Go here and press “Subscribe” next to the Hero Membership option.

If a monthly subscription sounds like too much commitment, you can do a single donation of any amount.

And if you are a Hero Member, thanks! You’re helping keep the site funded. But right now we don’t have enough Hero Members to fully pay for the site each month, and it’d be so nice if you could encourage others to donate too.