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Games with the most posts this year

Here’s some stats about the busiest OngoingWorlds games so far this year, based on the number of posts between Jan – Sep 2017:

1. House of night

1117 posts. This teenage vampire game has a sporadic posting schedule, with quiet months and very busy months. It seems to be going very strong right now, with more than twice the posts in September than last month.

2. The Dark Series

1714 posts. This character drama about long-living people started this year, and is one of the busiest games.

3. Mutants Arise

941 posts. This story of mutants living through the “Fifth Reich” started so well in the year, but unfortunately seems to have tailed off since March. Hopefully it might start up again soon?

4. The Hotel

774 posts. This story of guests in a medieval fantasy hotel started earlier this year, and went quiet for a few months. But has had a recent resurgence. Let’s hope the story continues!