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April fools pranks on OngoingWorlds

Yesterday was the biggest trolling day in the calendar, and loads of companies played pranks on us. It was also the day that the evil Bill “Turnip” Spheres declared he was taking over OngoingWorlds, coincidence eh? Anyway this lead to Tib inventing and using the fantastic hashtag #PraiseTheTurnip (if you’ve not used it, go ahead and tweet it!).

Darwin the video game

Darwin video game

Perpetual Universes wasn’t the only jape on OngoingWorlds yesterday. Luke from Darwin announced that there will be a Darwin video game! The game will be made by Blaintendo and available for the Grigori Technologies 8-Bit Home Computer (this probably makes more sense if you’re a Darwin player!). See his OOC post to find out more.

St. Harbingerswhere

Origin Snowglobe

Xan posted in Origin that everything existed in a snowglobe (of course!). This was inspired by old hospital show St. Elsewhere, and was how they ended their series, it was all in the head of an autistic kid looking into a snowglobe.

Thought police in the chatbox

thought police in chatbox

Xan also patrolled the chatbox as a “Thought Officer”, presumably punishing anyone harboring slightly naughty thoughts.

If I’ve missed any, please add to the comments below. Thanks!


I’ve given awards to each of these members for participating, and given Ralazie a special badge for sharing the Perpetual Universes prank on Twitter.

  • Luke Herbert

    Thanks for the mention David, it was fun!

  • Tiberius

    I went as Grand Master Tiberius, Grand Master of the Thought Police

    • Mrxanadu

      Yet it was I who did the actual enforcing….Bourgeois scum

  • I clicked through to play the Darwin game, now I feel cheated 🙂

    • Luke Herbert

      Sorry Mark, you never know I actually might make a proper one!

      • Do it!
        If you did, what would you use? Flash? Unity?

  • You actually had me worried for a sec with the Perpetual thing. I nearly screamed.

  • Ralazie

    I thought the email was legit for one second, then I just made a stupid face. Thanks for the mention as well.