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New post preview feature


Here’s a new feature which a few people asked for, and doesn’t need too much explaining as it’s quite simple. A post preview allows you to preview your post. See, I said it was simple 🙂

When writing a new post, using the formatting options can make it a bit tricky to know how the post will look once it’s posted, which is why a few people have asked for a post preview. You’ll see the preview button at the opposite side to the “Post this” button.

New post


So you’ll see what the page look like when it’ll be posted (see example below – using “Bacon ipsum” for demonstration purposes). Simply click “Edit” to return to the editor.

Post preview screen, using bacon ipsum instead of a proper roleplay post


This website amendment was made by Locke from game Blue Dwarf, whom I want to thank for the time and effort he’s put into improving OngoingWorlds for us all 🙂