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OngoingWorlds is changing its name to Perpetual Universes

Perpetual Universes

OngoingWorlds is changing its name to Perpetual Universes, and will be maintained by Bill “Turnip” Spheres.

real SquiddyYou might have also noticed that Squiddy also looks a lot more realistic. This is Bill’s decision to make the site feel more “real” and will eventually be available in 3D. Yes, OngoingWorlds will be 3D! You will be able to navigate the world you’ve created in three dimensions using the Oculus Rift headset (which Bill will eventually purchase from Facebook and rename it “Virtual Turnip Face Vision”), and interact with other characters in your world.

Wouldn’t that be great? Interacting with your characters in your virtual world? Well, Bill “Turnip” Spheres certainly think it will, and if you don’t – he’ll force you. Because he’s evil. Or something. I haven’t quite figured that bit out yet, but it was sounding half-plausable until then.

Here’s a change suggested by Turnip henchman Chris KentleaAll characters are now called Marmaduke and have a pic of said dog as their avatar. 

Is this an April fool’s joke?

Yes of course it is. The name “Perpetual Universes” was invented by Tib as a joke a while ago (although I can’t remember why).

I couldn’t think of any funny changes that Bill Spheres would make, but if you have some suggestions, tweet them to @ongoingworlds or post them on our Facebook page and I’ll share 🙂