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4 rather good planet name generators

Planet scape

Is your roleplaying game a science fiction adventure where you visit new planets on a regular basis? Find it difficult coming up with interesting planet names? Well fear not! Because here’s a few generators that’ll give you a list of cool names to choose from:

SciFi Ideas planet generator

First on the list because this one was created by my brother, who runs the SciFi Ideas blog. Not only will this generator create a planet name, it’ll also give you a description, which might give you ideas about what you’ll encounter when you land, and also the name of the star system it inhabits.

Donjon scifi name generator

Make sure you select “planet name” in the dropdown. There’s also a generator here for alien names (species and characters) and names of locations on a planet.

Ennead Games planet name generator

Created by Chris Kentlea, a veteran from Blue Dwarf, and who has written articles for us before (see here). This generator creates a list of 10 planet names with numbers.

Fantasy name generators

This will give you a simple list of 10 really unusual names. No extra detail, just names.

If you do use these generators, let us know in the comments below how you’ve used them.