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5 tools to create a new alien species for your story

You might be writing a science fiction story, like one of the many sci-fi roleplay stories here on OngoingWorlds, like Jericho or Star Wars: Balance of the Force.

At some point your characters might find themselves on an alien planet, about to meet a new race of unfamiliar aliens. Or visit a spacestation of a different alien culture. You might want to make that species as different as possible, to give it an exciting bit of flavour, and put your characters completely out of their element.

Maybe the aliens are hostile? Maybe they’re friendly. Here are some tools that can help you come up with some unique aliens:

Fantasy Name Generators alien description generator

This page will generate a short alien description. There’s also a page for creating a unique alien name here.

Sci-fi Ideas Alien Species Generator

This creates an alien description & goes into a lot more detail than the one above, as it can create a lot of detail about the culture. Also there’s a page to generate an alien planet name for this alien species here.

Seventh Sanctum Alien Race Generator

This creates a plausible & varied description for an alien race. It doesn’t have a name for the species, but you can use one of their other generators to create an alien name, like maybe the “Weird Name Generator” or the “Cat Being Name generator”.

Springhole Fantasy & Sci-Fi Race Generator

This page creates a description for an alien race (mostly Humanoid). The website also has separate generators for slightly different types of aliens. See the Retro Alien Name Generator which creates mostly single word names, & the Galaxy Far Away Name Generator which creates multi-word names ideal for individual aliens ideal for the Star Wars universe.

RanGen Species Generator

This webpage creates a random name for an alien species, & also a description. You can choose a “Type” and “Shape” of the alien species, to give you some control. It also shows you a table of quick information as well as a written description.