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The September Game Image Competition

Question markHi dudes, I’m trying this just for fun. As I’ve recently upped the size of the game image, I thought it’s a cool idea to do a competition for the best game image.

Upload a new image (the size must be 460 x 345). Then submit the form below to enter your games image into the competition. (You must submit the form to be entered to win!).

I’ll announce the winners in 2 weeks on the 19th of September (which in unrelated news is talk-like-a-pirate day).

Rules for winning

  • Put some effort in – Don’t just upload a photo. It has to be edited at least a little
  • You must submit this form below to let me know that you’re entering
  • Nothing rude!

This competition is now over, and the results have been announced. Looks for more articles about image competitions here.