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New image upload size

Cropping a manatee avatarHey dudes, just wanted to let you know that I’ve upped the size of the image that gets used for the game profile and character profiles. The maximum size is now 460 x 345.

You can (and always have been) able to upload images much larger than this, but it’s always been crunched down to a much smaller size by the crop tool.

You won’t notice a size increase, but it means a larger image is being stored, which will look better on nice Apple retina screens, and allows us to increase the size of the images in the future if the layout changes.

We can store larger images now since moving to new hosting. Btw thanks everyone who’s donated to our monthly hosting costs. If you’d like to donate and haven’t yet, see our donations page here.

If you’ve recently uploaded a new image, why not enter September’s Image Competition?