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Image competition – Draw a typical scene from your world

Hero high John's imageHey dudes, I mentioned this as an idea in our Facebook group last week & John’s already contributed. So that makes it an official thing! Let’s do this!

What you have to do – Draw/sketch/paint/Photoshop up a typical scene from your game’s world. Then either upload it to the Facebook group, send it to us on Twitter (@ongoingworlds), or upload to Imgur & post the link in the comments below.


Winner of the October image competition

Time to announce the winner of the October Image Competition!

To enter the competition you had to submit a form to nominate your game here (there were actually loads of games with great images that missed out by not being nominated!). Read More


New image upload size

Cropping a manatee avatarHey dudes, just wanted to let you know that I’ve upped the size of the image that gets used for the game profile and character profiles. The maximum size is now 460 x 345.

You can (and always have been) able to upload images much larger than this, but it’s always been crunched down to a much smaller size by the crop tool. Read More