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October Image competition – Entry form

october image competition

Hey dudes, we did this last month and I’m doing it again! Basically nominate your game using the form below and I’ll pick the game with the best image to win. You can see last month’s winner here.

I’ve extended the date another week because I should have already published this blog article by now. That gives you 10 days to enter. Closing date is October 18th, which gives you some time to use your Photoshop skills and upload a great game image!

Upload a new image (the size must be 460 x 345). Then submit the form below to enter your games image into the competition. (You must submit the form to be entered to win!).
Question mark

Rules for winning

  • Put some effort in – Don’t just upload a photo. It has to be edited at least a little
  • You must submit this form below to let me know that you’re entering
  • Nothing rude!

Nominate your game

I’ll announce the winner as soon as I can after the 18th.