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Keep the festive spirit going by nominating your game & favorite roleplayer for an award


There’s currently two awards you can nominate for right now, and both are certainly worth winning! Annoyingly, they both have similar names so I’ll try to clear things up. Here’s an explanation of both awards:


Simming Prize

1. Simming prize

The Simming prize has been around for many years, and can be won by a either of these 4 entities:

  • A game
  • A roleplayer
  • An organization/club
  • A resource (recruiting site or a podcast maybe)

I think the 4th option is new, but I welcome it, as there are many useful resources that are essential for our community that might go unmentioned.

How to nominate for the Simming Prize

Go to this link and submit the form:

Simming prize recommendations

Definitely definitely nominate your own game, this is a no brainer. Every year people get disappointed that they didn’t win, and it’s because nobody thought to actually nominate their game! The judges will only judge games with nominations. So to make sure, get everyone in your game to submit a nomination. The amount of nominations won’t count, but it can’t hurt right?

You can nominate as many times as you want, so make sure you submit a separate nomination for your game, as well as someone in your game who you think is putting a lot of effort in. You definitely should do this, because I think effort deserves recognition!

Don’t nominate me, I won it last year and it’d be great for someone else to get it this time! But it’d be great if you could nominate OngoingWorlds as an “Organization”, because I think we’ve had a really good year, and have have so many great active games now, and the community is going really well!

Another suggestion is to nominate the Roleplay Wiki as a useful resource, as it’s a quick and easy place to add useful information about your game.

Simulation Cup

2014 Simulation Cup

2. Simulation cup

This is normally called the Tournament of Simulations, but for reasons beyond me this year is called the Simulation cup.

This is given to games only (a game is called a “sim” in this case), but is awarded to multiple games each year in different categories. Normal categories are:

  • Best Adventure/Fantasy Sim
  • Best Star Trek sim
  • Best Dr Who sim
  • best Historical sim
  • Best Firefly sim
  • Best military sim
  • Best original scifi sim
  • Best Stargate sim
  • Best Star Wars sim

The categories seem to change each year, but that reflects the types of submissions, and the community as a whole.

How to nominate for the Simulation Cup

Nominations are submitted by email to Charles Star, who’s in charge of this. Email your entriesto: star [dot] idf [at] gmail [dot] com with the following information:

  • Name of game
  • Name of the game owner/GM
  • Type of Sim (eg Play by Post or Chat)
  • Genre (Star Trek/Star Wars/original concept/etc.)
  • Club (eg “OngoingWorlds”)
  • Year started (if known)
  • Transcript or a link to a typical post that can be used to review the game

Also, if you want to be considered, nominate ASAP, the final date is the 25th of December, that’s just 2 days!

BTW Charles needs judges to help judge the games, so if you’re interested see the article here.

Simulation cup recommendations

Definitely definitely nominate your own game. Make sure you choose a great post to link to too. I’m sure the judges will look at a few factors before making their decision, so won’t judge based on a single post – but first impressions mean a lot, right?

Don’t be dissuaded if your game doesn’t fit the genres listed, games set in original universes are still counted.

Nominate for both now, and tell others too!

I can’t stress enough the need to nominate your game, and to let as many people know about these awards as possible. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity of winning an awesome award just because they didn’t hear about it.