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Operation: Chocolate Digestive

Chocolate digestives. The official biscuit for roleplayers, said no-one ever

The name Operation Chocolate Digestive was a name I made up about 3 minutes before I sent an email to all OngoingWorlds members announcing this new feature, just to make it sound more interesting than it actually was! It also helps because I can use an interesting image above.

The name wasn’t completely plucked out of the air however, as this article is about the new email digest functionality on OngoingWorlds. So instead of receiving an email about every post in your game, it’ll now send you a daily digest email with links to all the posts that’ve been posted that day. The reason we’ve done this is that the website has been firing out emails for every action, which sometimes is a good thing… sometimes not, as it’ll start filling up your inbox faster than a midget’s handbag, which makes us look like we’re sending out more spam than a Nigerian Prince.

But you might be thinking that a daily digest is a bit too limited, and want it more often. Perhaps twice daily? Perhaps every hour? We haven’t decided exactly what’s best so far, and I asked fellow OngoingWorlds members via a poll on our Facebook page. Opinion was quite split, so I’m trialling twice daily for now, morning and late afternoon. But this could change if we decide it’s not enough. Let me know if you’ve got strong opinions either way.

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This new site update was implemented by Locke from the game Blue Dwarf, who’s help has been greatly appreciated & I applaud him for helping contribute & make OngoingWorlds better for everyone. We’ve already been chatting together about a few new improvements to make which I’m sure you’ll see over the next few weeks and months.