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This award isn’t really for me, it’s for everyone at OngoingWorlds & who’s contributed to the blog

So yeah. I’ve been awarded a simming prize (see the annoucement here which was sent to me by “the committee” to publish on the blog).

Onion with simming prize certificate

It’s fantastic to be awarded this, and I feel very honoured! I’m also in great company, the other 4 awardees are also doing great work in the roleplay community. It’s great to see Vault 713 win too, as they’re a Harry Potter community, and if you look back at the history of the Simming prize it’s been given to Star Trek clubs more often than not. It’s nice to see non-Trek games (of which there are many!) mentioned.

To win the Simming Prize, I had to be nominated. Thank very much to whomever nominated me. But this award isn’t really for me, it’s for everyone on OngoingWorlds who puts effort into their games and keeps them thriving. Also it’s especially for those who’ve contributed blog articles throughout last year. You know who you are. Be proud 🙂

And thanks for your continuing effort. We need articles written for the blog all the time (there’s some ideas here), if you can write something to help other roleplayers that’d be fantastic and maybe we’ll win again next year.