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Ideas for future articles


Hey roleplayer dudes, thank everyone who submitted to our survey that I emailed out to all members. We’ve now collected lots of information and I’ll be using it to improve the site.

One of the questions asked what sort of articles you’d like to see here on the blog, and here are the results: 

what sort of articles would you prefer to see on the ongoingworlds blog?

The results are split, but it’s clear that the StatCat articles are least popular, and the majority would like to see more helpful advice for roleplayers.

I need you to help write useful advice!

So yeah, if we’re going to post more content on the blog that’s useful to other roleplayers, I need us to combine our experience – and I need you all to write useful articles!

You might be thinking you don’t have any advice to give, but you do. Even if you’ve been a roleplayer for just a short time you’ve learned a lot, and that could help new players. Or if you’ve been roleplaying for many years, you’ve got a wealth of experience – what stories work, what don’t, how to handle other players, how to resolve conflicts, all useful advice that some people might not have learned.

Some blog article ideas

Sometimes I just start with a title, here’s a few examples that you could take and write for us…

  • How to create a game that’ll last for years
  • How to keep your players happy
  • 5 ways to get members that you hadn’t thought of
  • Get a sixth-sense about pending members
  • How to turn your game into a community
  • How to play a credible villain without pissing people off
  • The secrets of writing an epic post
  • 10 things to remember when writing about another player’s character
  • 5 tips for creating a great character
  • Keeping a game going past the first story-arc
  • 10 tips for writing a memorable character death sequence
  • 20 interesting quirks to give to your character
  • I want to start roleplaying, where do I begin?

Or anything else, these are just examples!

Send your article to me at and I’ll make sure they get published here. If you want to write for this blog n a regular basis I’ll give you your own account so you can log in and create the articles inside WordPress itself, just like Tib and Xan do.