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Blog ideas – “How to write” articles

ideas for writing blog articles

Hey roleplayers & writers, normally on this blog we post articles by several people with tips on how to write and roleplay, but it occured to me there’s loooooads more topics that we’re not covering. Read More


Ideas for future articles


Hey roleplayer dudes, thank everyone who submitted to our survey that I emailed out to all members. We’ve now collected lots of information and I’ll be using it to improve the site.

One of the questions asked what sort of articles you’d like to see here on the blog, and here are the results:  Read More


How to advertise your game without ramming it down people’s throats

MadmenAdvertising is hard

One of the most difficult aspects of creating a new roleplaying game is getting players to join initially. Getting people to join a brand new game without an established story or any guarantee it’ll not be a waste of time is tricky. Finding the members is difficult enough, so you want to make your game as visible as possible.

A lot of this involves putting yourself out there, self-promoting, and just generally shouting loudly about your game into the ether until someone hears you. Read More