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Blog ideas – “How to write” articles

ideas for writing blog articles

Hey roleplayers & writers, normally on this blog we post articles by several people with tips on how to write and roleplay, but it occured to me there’s loooooads more topics that we’re not covering. I looked at our recent articles, and these are really popular:

Spot the pattern?

Creating “How to” articles

“How to” articles are popular because it’s easy to tell what they’re about and you know you’ll learn something. Also they’re easy to find on google because these are the terms people search for.

So I think we should create some more articles like this, and I want you to help me! Between us all we’ve got a great wealth of experience of roleplaying and writing, which is a real asset to newbies. Even if you think you’ve got nothing to add, you probably have but just don’t realise it. Remember there’s loooads of different types of advice we can post about. RPG-Directory even have a list of articles with advice on how to accurately write diabetes, epilepsy, and how to be a horse.

Some examples

  • It’d be great if you could volunteer to write an article, here’s some example titles.
  • How to write a pregnant character
  • How to write a character in a wheelchair
  • How to accurately write about children
  • How to make your dystopian world sound dark and murky
  • How to write in an accent
  • How to come up with realistic placenames (this has actually been done already, but you might have more tips)
  • A guide to being a cop (useful to get your character accurate if they’re a cop)
  • A guide to Victorian London
  • A guide to medieval Europe

There’s also some other examples of blog article ideas here. If you’re interested in writing for us, contact me here.