Canon vs. Original characters

Firefly castI found an article originally posted on Gnome Stew, but definitely applies to our type of text-based roleplaying. It’s a debate between using canon characters (see the definition here), and original characters you’ve made up. SOmething that applies to a lot of people who set their roleplays in an existing world, like Star Wars, Star Trek etc, or Firefly (pictured here) which has a lot of scope to explore the ‘verse without ever mentioning the show’s characters. But isn’t it cool to have crossovers?

See the original article here.


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  • Silent Hunter

    ‘Doctor Who’ is an interesting one as the presence of Time Lords allows you to have a canon character… but a non-canon version of that character; I’ve done it twice with Romana.

    • Yes good point! I suppose too you could use parallel universes to have alternate versions of canon characters without using the ‘real’ character.