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Canon vs. Original characters

Firefly castI found an article originally posted on Gnome Stew, but definitely applies to our type of text-based roleplaying. It’s a debate between using canon characters (see the definition here), and original characters you’ve made up. SOmething that applies to a lot of people who set their roleplays in an existing world, like Star Wars, Star Trek etc, or Firefly (pictured here) which has a lot of scope to explore the ‘verse without ever mentioning the show’s characters. But isn’t it cool to have crossovers?

See the original article here.



Does roleplaying canons ruin them?

hermione granger saying "hello I'm a canon character"I saw this discussion on RPG-D recently about roleplaying turn-offs (no not in a sexual way you pervert!). The discussion was about things in a roleplay game, forum or thread that people don’t like (see the thread here), and I saw a comment about canons that I found really interesting & wanted to share. Read More