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Announcing Way Back When Week

Way back when week

Way Back When Week  is a week event where writers and roleplayers are encouraged to write a story depicting their characters ancestors, and the similarities and differences between past and present.

This will be a good exercise to get inside your character’s past and see their ancestors, and perhaps show where they got that certain personality trait, or where they got their interests from. Did their ancestors share a certain genetic trait, or perhaps an important ability. If you’re not familiar with thinking in such detail about your character’s history, give this a go, it’s only for a week! If you’re used to exploring your character’s past, you might have some ideas already, here’s your excuse to write it!

Way Back When Week will take place between the 25th of November – 1st of December

What do you have to do?

Similar to this year’s First person fortnight and last year’s Flashback week, we’re encouraging you to write way back posts for a week in your normal roleplay, and hopefully you’ll have a finished story that you can submit to us to be judged by our samurai team of simming judges! The story should be about one of your character’s ancestors, perhaps their grandfather, or great grandmother, and maybe the story relates to something important happening to your normal roleplay character right now.

Even if you’re not going to submit your story for the competition this is still a cool exercise that encourages you to explore your character’s family history, choose an ancestor, and write about how similar or different their lives are to your normal character.

Why a week? Can I start writing it before?

Sure, start writing it now if you want, nobody will know! The reason we’ve set a week is because the story in roleplaying games can move quickly, so this gives everyone the same timeframe to create their story.

Help spread the word

We’ll be posting more information about Way Back When Week closer to the date, for now can you please help spread the word about the event to other roleplayers and writers. If you encourage others to write about their ancestors too, you can all compare!

Tell me more about the competition!

You can read more about the competition, rules etc in this article.